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Innovative Treatments, Research and Compassion

Our mission is to help you overcome the challenges of living with CNS congenital anomalies through support, innovative treatments, research and compassion. This is what guides us to deliver the best information that medical science has to offer in order to educate and empower families. Whether it is your child, your grandchild, or the child of a friend or acquaintance, you are not alone on this journey — and we’re here to help.

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How We Bring Our Mission to Life

Establish a Network of Medical Experts

The challenge in dealing with CNS congenital anomalies lies in defining and understanding the actual condition — which makes finding the right resources truly daunting. We work with medical professionals and researchers alike to better define these conditions, while connecting patients and families with the right medical experts.

Create and Maintain a Knowledge Database

We want to make it easy for you to find the answers you need. That’s why we are building a database with easy-to-understand information on the broad spectrum of CNS congenital anomalies. Please check in regularly for updates.

Support Innovative Research and Treatments

The breakthroughs and cures we seek to find start with research — which is why we are dedicated to supporting the physicians who are working to find the causes, impact, and the latest and best treatment options for these conditions.

Read how a gift brings new hope to patients and families affected by central nervous system disorders.

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Progress Update: March 2023

On behalf of the entire Margaret Hackett Family Center team, a most sincere THANK YOU for your engagement and support of our work. We hope that this update finds you and your family and loved ones in good health!

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Fifth Annual Margaret Hackett Family Program Symposium, May, 2023

The 5th Annual Margaret Hackett Family Program (MHFP) Symposium introduced a variety of central nervous system (CNS) congenital anomalies and the challenges of their treatments. Specific congenital syndromes will be visited in detail to describe treatment approaches. In addition, models of care as well as future approaches will be discussed.

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Support Our Mission

We want to provide the very best information, research, treatment, and care for those challenged by CNS congenital anomalies. Please consider donating to our cause to help us deliver on our mission to make a difference in the lives of patients and families.

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